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"It Is Hopefully A Long Time From Now And Humid And Hot And I Think It Happens Falling From Something High Up Because It Always Occurs That Way In My Dreams, My Death I Mean, From Up High. I Have Always Been Scared Of Heights And Of Lightning And Especially The Deepness Of The Ocean, And Someone Once Told Me Our Phobias Are Warnings From Our Future Selves Which Seems Unlikely, But In Any Case This Is How I Picture It Happening, A Trifecta, My Death. I Think I Will Be Startled Enough By A Sudden Bolt Of Lightning To Pitch Forward Ungracefully Into The Blue Water Below That Teems With All The World's Most Private And Spectacularly Ancient Beasts, A Place I Do Not Belong And Am Not Equipped For And A Place I Will See For A Only A Shock-Quick Few Seconds Before Struggling And Losing And Drifting Down Into Water That Is Deeper And More Mysterious With Each Sinking Second, And Looking Upward To The Disappearing Surface I Will Think About Being On Land And How All That Mystery And Knowing I Gathered There Will Be Wasted And How Once I Hit Bottom There I Will Stay, Eels In My Heart, A Temporary Disturbance On The Ocean Floor", acrylic and pencil on panel, 2017, 24x30”

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